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the bitter season

 So I went and saw How To Train Your Dragon (in 3D)! Whoamygosh,…

queen of the cast-offs

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 So I went and saw How To Train Your Dragon (in 3D)! Whoamygosh, you guys, it's actually rather good. It's basically a story about Scrawny-But-Smart Misfit and Hot-But-Badass girl and my cat Cornelius if she had wings. Also the ending? Did not see it coming. (Or, that is, that part of it.) So despite the way the previews look, see it anyway!

In other news, I think my house is about to blow down, we hare having such a ludicrously massive windstorm.
  • IKR. I LOVED that movie, it was marvelous! I kind of thought Toothless was like my cat, Benji, too. XDDD

    And yes the ending. :( I thought it was kind of... bittersweet? Which makes it all the more realistic. Would totally buy this on DVD. <3
    • Riiiight? And there was this one shot of him walking out leaning on Toothless and then his tail came into the shot and I was like OH MY GOSH WOW. YES PLEASE.
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